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Mission Statement and Membership

If you have been labeled a "Bad Apple" or have always wanted to be, please join us, become a member of the Bad Apple Cartoon Motorcycle Club. Our mission is to bring individuals together in the pursuit of having fun doing something that we enjoy, while keeping in mind our greater goal of supporting some worthwhile causes. Help the Bad Apples Motorcycle Club extend the knowledge that violence, abuse and drugs are not an answer or a solution. Our main target is our youths, they are our future, they are their own future.

We all know that unfortunately, the freedom that drew most of us to motorcycling has been largely misunderstood and misrepresented. knows that it is time to set the record straight, and we think that the best way to do this is through education and fun with our cartoon characters. This is why we are going to reach out to the youth of the world and teach them that they can be free spirited without being abusive to themselves or others. You can be free and be responsible at the same time, after all you really canít have one without the other. We desire to be involved in local and national organizations and charities. To this end, we will not limit our activities to making charitable contributions. More importantly, we will try to create heightened awareness through our cartoon characters, standing up and setting an example, A Good Example, which is not stereotypical for a biker or a "Bad Apple", but is more times than not, the actual truth, and certainly more likely to be noticed.

We hope that the somewhat gruff appearance of our characters will teach a valuable lesson: what you see is not always what you get. We also hope that they are found intriguing enough that you ask the question, "What are they like, and what are they all about?" You will be pleased to find that they, (like us), have no tolerance for violence or abuse, to anyone or anything, and they say no to drugs. However, please do not let us mislead you. They are not perfect, (just like the rest of us). They make mistakes and have made bad decisions in the past, but those experiences have taught them a valuable lesson and they have learned to take the lesson with them. They are here now to share with you and pass on what they have learned.

The primary objective of our Mission Statement is that we are on a mission to make two statements: 1. Just because youíre "Bad", doesn't mean you canít be good!!! and 2. Just because youíre good doesn't mean you canít have a lot of fun! These are the two major principles that will guide the future activities of the Bad Apples Motorcycle Club.

We hope that you will support the and wear our colors proudly, as the "Bad Apples" are rebels WITH a cause, a darn good one!


The proudly supports: DARE, MADD, CAPE, etc.

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granny apple
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Membership Information

Bad Apples Cartoon Motorcycle Club is open to anyone who agrees with our Mission and Creed. Help support our mission by becoming a member!

As a member of the Bad Apples Cartoon Motorcycle Club you will not only be associated with helping charitable causes, but will receive a "CORE" T-shirt, a Bad Apples Motorcycle Club License Plate, a Bad Apples Club Sticker, and our Creed printed on 81/2"x11" parchment suitable for framing. Membership is $35.00 for the year. REMEMBER a portion of proceeds of membership dues and badapplesmotorcycleclub CATALOG items goes to charitable organizations that support motorcycle safety, anti-violence, prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, and drunk driving!

Please become a member today! Granny will love you for it!




Tel: 215-343-8900



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