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Meet The Bad Apple Cartoon Characters!

red applesaucy apple
  • Red, Owner of a local iron forge and founder of the Bad Apples Motorcycle Club.
  • Saucy, Corey's sister,Granny's Grand daughter, and Red's best friend.
corey applecore apple
  • Corey, Granny's Grandson,Saucy's brother, he used to work with Red at his Iron Forge.
  • Core, The Ghost of Corey, enjoys tricks and practical jokes.
juicy applecandy apple
  • The Twins
  • Juicy
  • Candy, They live across the street from Granny. Saucy would baby-sit them when they were little.
granny appleromeo apple
  • Granny, Corey and Saucy's feisty Grandmother. Adoptive Grandmother of the Bad Apples Motorcycle Club.
  • Romeo, Corey's and Saucy's misguided Uncle, Granny's Son the wild rover.
mac apple bobbin apple
  • Mac, Local Mr. Fix It, a happy go lucky apple, also a chartered member of the club
  • Bobbin, Owner of the local Road House and sometimes girl friend of Mac.
delicious applefather john apple


  • Delicious, Runs the local hardware store, Also a Chartered Member of the club.
  • Father John, Local Minister who loves to ride with the club. He's a chartered member.
gala apple Fuji Apple
  • Gala, The Twin's Mom
  • Fuji, The Karate defender.
yellow applecrab apple


  • Yellow, Lives next door to Granny. An anxiety ridden apple.
  • Crab, Granny's younger brother, lives next door to Granny. A grumpy old apple.


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